The Ekrin B37 Percussion Massager: An In-depth Review

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With myriad handheld percussion massagers in the market and more popping up every day, the Ekrin B37 has come out as a standout in a crowded space. Hearing so much about it, we thought, we'd give it a try, and the findings were fantastic. Please continue reading this in-depth article to know why this massage gun deserves your attention.
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The Ekrin B37, a new star performer, has set its feet on the field of electric percussion massager! We may not sound impartial at all, as we usually do, but it’s true. As more and more handheld percussion massagers popping up every day, the Ekrin B37 has come out as a standout in a crowded place.

With the day to day advancement in the vibration massage technology, you’ll see more people are buying these handheld massage devices every day. But for many of us, it’s not always a straight-forward decision choosing the right one. Especially when there’re too many of those that look the same!

As you know, at BHM, we always put our honest efforts to review a product as pukka as we can. And here, we’ll do the same.

Ekrin Athletics – The Company

Ekrin Athletics is a startup from Boston, Ma. The founders of the company run the business with the intensity you’d expect from an ambitiously growing company. We found them easy to connect with and prompt in detailed answers as we reached out to them several times with inquires on the specs and warranty or something else. 

Having an efficient customer service is a must for any company to succeed. This is even mandatory for the success of an electronic brand. To tell you frankly, many of the brands we review score poorly in this category! We give Ekrin a five star. Besides, Ekrin Athletics stands behind its products with a standard 2-year warranty and free shipping (for the USA only).

What Makes the Ekrin B37 Stand Out?

What really sets the Ekrin B37 percussion massage gun stand out is the combination of competitive specs, exceptional build quality, and ergonomic shape, and all for a very affordable price. 

Before we jump deep into the article, you may like to check the Percussion Massager Comparison Table below.


Theragun G3PRO

Hypervolt Plus


Opove M3 Pro

Ekrin B37


2.9 lbs

3 lbs

2.2 lbs

2.2 lbs

2.2 lbs


2 Lithium-ion/2.5 hrs

1 Lithium-ion/3.0 hrs

1 Lithium-ion/3.0 hrs

1 Lithium-ion/3.0 hrs

1 Lithium-ion/5.0 hrs

Speed Level


















Stall Force

60 Pounds (max)

60 Pounds (max)

33 Pounds (max)

30 Pounds (max)

56 Pounds (max)

Stroke Length

16 mm

13 mm

12 mm

12 mm

12 mm

Noise Level

75 Decibels (max)

60 Decibels (max)

60 Decibels (max)

55 Decibels (max)

55 Decibels (max)

Case Included






Design and Quality

As soon as we took the B37 out of its zippered case, we knew we got ‘something’ in it. Someone whistled, and really was it a relief! No more the overly used black or silver, the dark-teal colored B37 looked sexy! It felt sturdy, and it was easy to hold and maneuver. The Ekrin B37 isn’t too heavy but weighs enough to mean business. The design is ergonomic, and its body is made of soft-touch plastic with a soothing silicone grip. (The fit and finish of the B37 may remind you of a posh European car!)

One of the unique aspects of the B37 is its 15-degree-angled handle. It’s not just a design for the sake of a different look: it adds to the capacity. 

The handle offers three gripping positions that give you support for power, and help you reach the distant parts of the body. Gripping the massage gun on the bottom of the shaft gives you the leverage to get to those hard-to-reach areas. Holding the device by the upper handle allows for more power and precision, really getting deep into muscles while targeting small, isolated areas. You can also use both of your hands to hold the percussion massager – one on the uppermost part of the gun, and one on the angled handle. 

This gripping position allows you to use maximum power for a deep tissue massage on the prime muscle groups.

Power and Noise

“Percussion massagers sound and feel like power drills.” That’s a case for most of the high-intensity massage guns. Take the TimTam All New Power Massager, for example. The speed is so robust that most of us wouldn’t be able to hold it for long, grabbing it with both hands! But that’s probably for the Rocks. Noise is an issue for most of the percussion massagers, though. An ideal massage gun is one that gives you enough power to work on your muscles while making a tolerable sound.

The Hypervolt Plus does a great job in this regard, we remember. That one costs around $400-$450! The Ekrin B37 surprisingly matched with that of Hypervolt Plus’s performance, and that without sacrificing the intensity of the power. When we switched through its five different speed levels, we found the decibel level maxing out at 55dB. That’s equivalent to the noise level of standard office space conversation!

The B37’s five different speed levels range from 1400-3200 RPM. The stall force increases with each speed level starting at 32 lbs and ending at 56. That’s power quite generous for most of the athletes and for most of the purposes. (We could’ve talked about the benefits of using a percussion massage gun here, but we won’t. If you want to read an elaborate article on this topic, you’ll find it here.)

Battery Life

Speaking about battery life, the B37 Percussion Massager beats most of its competition. While Ekrin Athletics touts for 4+ hours of battery life per charge, we feel like it lasts even longer. We’ve been using the gun for more than three weeks now – pretty regularly, and we’ve only had to recharge it for once. As per Ekrin, the Lithium-ion battery has a lifetime rating of 2000 hours. Doing a little math will give you the equivalent of using the gun for an hour every day for 5.5 years!

What’s Included with the B37 Percussion Massager?

Ekrin B37

What's included:

B37 Percussive Therapy Device
4 Replaceable Attachments
Premium Travel Case
Lithium-ion Battery Charger
User Manual

The Game Changer

Reading up to here, you may feel like, we’re just promoting a product like the pro street canvassers! And you’re right! But we’re pushing this product with all the good intentions. The Ekrin B37 is a game-changer, especially in the sense that it features most of the qualities that only the high-end percussion massagers do.

The Wish-list (or the missing elements)

While we enjoy the B37 Percussion Massager to the fullest, there are a few missing elements or features that could’ve made it even better.

Soft Attachment

This massage gun comes with only four pieces of attachments. If you look at the comparison chart above, you’ll see some others come with more. It would’ve been a charm if there were a sort of “absorber” or a piece of soft attachment for the boney areas. When we try to massage an area like the shins, the firm attachments tend to bounce off the tibia!

Greater Amplitude

The Ekrin B37 has an amplitude of 12 mm. It would be a gem of a massager if the maximum extent of the vibration were greater – 16 mm, for example. (We definitely sound greedy here! A 16 mm massage gun costs around $350-$600.) A 12 mm vibration massager is powerful enough to get the jobs done for most of us, though.

We’re not a Hercules, are we?

Hercules uses Ekrin B37

Battery Replacement

Another drawback of the B37 is that the battery isn’t detachable. Although the battery life is excellent, it’d be better if we’re able to have an extra one – just in case.

The Verdict

The Ekrin B37 ticks off all the valid boxes – design, quality, battery life, power, and the noise level. It costs only half of that Theragun G3 PRO, and you’ll wonder why!

During the trial, we’re merciless! We deliberately pushed the device to its limits because the last thing we wanted to do is to recommend a dud to our valued readers. The B37 triumphed as if it were a champion! (It is a champion.)

Many a time, we end up buying products that we didn’t have our eyes on in the first place! Maybe it’s the budget.
Buying the Ekrin B37 will definitely not give you a guilty feeling – that’s what we may assure.

Thank you kindly for your reading. We’ve got an exclusive 20% Off Coupon for you. (That’s $46 off the current purchase price.) Please use the code: BHM20 when you buy the Ekrin B37.

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