How to Release the Trigger Points - A Definitive Guide

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To treat trigger points, apply sustained pressure for a period long enough to release the spasm, about 10-30 seconds to deactivate it, release and relax the muscle. This increases blood flow to the muscle normalizing it and bringing it back to a healthy state.
How to release trigger points?

To treat trigger points, apply sustained pressure for a period long enough to release the spasm, about 10-30 seconds to deactivate it, release and relax the muscle. This increases blood flow to the muscle normalizing it and bringing it back to a healthy state. This procedure is one in every of the foremost powerful yet simple ways to treat muscle pain and discomfort.

How to Rub-On Trigger Points?

For simplicity, either simply persist the trigger point directly and hold for an extended time (10–100 seconds), or apply small kneading strokes, either circular or back and forth, and don’t worry about the direction of the muscle fibers. Really, anything that feels good is ok. But, if you happen to grasp the direction of the muscle fibers sometimes it’s obvious then stroke parallel to the fibers like you’re trying to elongate them, because which can be simpler.

How to Rub In on Trigger Points
Image: Rub in Process on Neck

How Hardly Can I Rub In Trigger Points?

Massage is mostly about having a conversation together with your systema nervosum, so you want it to have the right tone: friendly and helpful! Don’t shout and rude. You’re not trying to “kill” it, you’re trying to assuage and “scratch” it. The intensity of the treatment should be Goldilocks just-right: strong enough to satisfy, but easy to live with. An excessive amount of intensity can backfire, and a just-right intensity may okay be a key to success. So, on a scale of 10 where 1 is painless and 10 is intolerable please aim for the 4–7 range, and err on the side of gentle initially. Beginners are often much too aggressive. (And the pros too!)

Rub On Process in Trigger Points

And rub very gently, too! Regardless of your maximum pressure on any point, always ensure there’s some light pressure additionally. Specifically just gentle tugging of the skin to and fro. It’s important to include this because it’d be simpler, wishing on the cause. We cast an honest net with technique additionally as locations.

Rub what proportion, how often?

Start small one session of about 30 seconds could be enough, give or take wishing on how helpful it feels. Five minutes is roughly the foremost that any trigger point will need at just one occasion, but there’s not really any limit if rubbing the trigger point continues to feel good, be at liberty to remain going. As long as you aren’t experiencing any negative reactions, you must massage any trigger point that seems to wish it a minimum of twice per day, and also the maximum amount as a 6 times per day. More is probably too tedious and involves too great a risk of just pissing it off.

Rub with what? - Trigger Point Relese

Rub the trigger point together with your fingertips, thumbs, fist, elbow whatever feels easiest and most comfortable to you. Simple tools are handy for spots that are harder to realize various balls and other handy objects. Ball massage is surprisingly good stuff! (You can use a foam roller, of course, but the contact area is just too wide for several areas.

Why Upper Trapezius trigger points hurt?

Where do some of the trigger points potentially come from what kind of activities would be people be regularly doing? One is just carrying a heavy bag, right? We all know that. You know, if we add one exercise, we’re going do shrugsSo if we’re holding a bag, a heavy bag in my shoulder and we don’t want it to slide off. We are going to kind of shrug and keep that shrug for an extended period. That’s a widespread possibility. The next is sitting on the phone you must hide your phone, you’re on the computer, cooking whatever. That’s another possibility. But those are the things that you can do actively to engage trigger points. 

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But there’s another way that you can get trigger points in your upper trapezius, and that’s more passive. An example of that will be if you sit at a desk, in a chair, or travel quite a bit some type of seating position where you’ve got an armrest. That’s a little too high. You spend a lot of time seated. You’re not engaging the muscle. It’s passive and relaxed. But it seems as the tissue is stuck in the shortened position for extended periods. And if this is a place that you sit all the time, it could be the day after day week months years. Eventually, it gets used to being that shortened position, and trigger points can form.

How to effectively release trigger points for the Upper Trapezius?

So, moving forward, what do we do about it. Well, I like to bust out the pure wave put on my point stick, and dig into some trigger points in the upper trap. Now, this is something a lot of you are going to be familiar with already because any time you think of like I’m going to get a shoulder rub. Most often, what somebody’s going rub on you is the trigger points in your upper traps. Everybody knows where this is. I don’t think a human has ever existed without having a trigger point in their upper trap.

You can release trigger point pain by using cane massager. This is also pretty simple. Just take your cane massager to find that same little sweet spot that you would have been digging in with your percussion massager and give it some pressure. And you can change the angle a little bit. Try and get that sucker to loosen up — either way, whether you’re working with the cane massager or the percussion massager. You’re going to spend a couple of minutes on there, and eventually, you’re going to either get too sore and just need to give it a break. Are you going to feel pretty good? And it is going to be time to move on to your stretch.

Thera Cane Massager-Trigger Point Massager

Extra Tips on Upper Trigger Point Release: Don't Miss Out

What do I want to go ahead and stretch my upper trap? The best position that I can do this in is seated. If you’ve got somebody who cares about you, and they have a little bit of weight behind them.

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They can stand right behind you and just lean in with their body weight onto your shoulders and press them down. That’ll give you a beautiful stretch. Just say nice and tall if you’re going to go. But if you don’t have somebody around, put some weight and kind of time them down for you. You can do it yourself by grabbing a seat at a bench or a sturdy chair and grabbing your hands underneath where you’re seated to anchor them. It will be pulling your shoulder down that will give you a beautiful stretch in the tap in the trap.

If you want to go ahead and add a little pmf, all you do is engage the muscle pull up a little bit into that resistance with the hands. Hold it for five seconds, and at the end of five, you can relax the muscle. Sit back farther and get a little bit more of a stretch. So you can slide your butt back there to get more traction on your traps to get a short time there. And then you can do that again. Hold it another contraction. It’s about five seconds and then relax and continue to go farther and farther into the stretch. And that’s how you can release trigger points from a tight upper trap.

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